Hope City

Hope City was foundered in 1965 by Atticus Wells. The initial building of Hope City took 13 years. And on 22nd September 1978 it was opened to the public for the first inhabitants to live there.

In 1978 Hope City could house a population of 100,000 but due to a popular desire for people to move into Hope City it was expanded to house 3.5 million in 1999 and expanded further to house 5.72 million by the beginning of 2015.

Hope city was built on what used to be Keider Forest Park in Northumberland in between the small towns of Falstone and Bellingham, Both of which have profited greatly and are still situated just outside Hope City’s boundaries. The reasoning behind the location of Hope City was due to Atticus finding a gold mine in 1963 and due to the fortune he was making from such a find he decided to build up her to accommodate for the jobs that would be required to ensure maximum profit was made from the mine. Once the mine had been depleted Atticus, seeing the marvel that was being built decided to continue his work here and foundered Wells Incorporated to manage the running of Hope City and to combine the other businesses that Atticus currently owned into one. Hope City’s trademark building the Triple Towers was built directly over where the gold mine was. With Wells Incorporated’s tower ground floor covering the actual gold mine site.

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