Hope City Timeline

A timeline featuring the events that took place that allowed Hope City become what it is today. Please note these events took place in Earth Delta.

7th May 1963 – Atticus Wells discovered a gold mine in Keider Forest Park, Northumberland.

9th May 1963 – Mining started in the gold mine.

12th July 1963 – The government started to show an interest in the gold mine.

31st July 1963 – Atticus Wells bought the land around the gold mine.

23rd November 1963 – Demetri Harrison was hired to create the blueprints for Wells Incorporated Offices.

15th February 1964 – The plans for Wells Incorporated Offices were approved.

6th July 1964 – Demetri Harrison was hired to create the plans for Hope City.

17th December 1964 – Hope City plans were approved.

11th March 1965 – Ground was broken at the Hope City building site.

10th August 1968 – Wells Incorporated was opened as a business.

9th January 1969 – The gold mine was depleted.

11th March 1978 – Hope City was opened to the public for the first time, accommodating 100,000 residence.

13th March 1978 – Extensions for Hope City started.

20th May 1982 – The Triple Towers were finished being built.

21st October 1999 – Extensions for Hope City finished now accommodating 3.5 million residence.

29th October 1999 – A second extension for Hope City began.

19th March 2005 – The second extension was finished, accommodating 4.75 million residence.

30th April 2005 – A third extension began.

7th February 2011 – The third extension was completed accommodating 5.5 million residence.

14th February 2011 – A fourth extension began.

21st May 2011 – The first sighting of Toxic as he robbed Hope City Bank.

25th June 2011 – A mass evacuation from Hope City due to fear of Toxic.

26th June 2011 – Work on the fourth extension stopped.

1st July 2011- Genesis arrived in Hope City and fought Toxic.

15th August 2011 – Toxic was beaten in a battle against Genesis, Toxic was then locked in a hidden cell.

16th August 2011 – People started t return to Hope City.

12th February 2012 – Penelope Snythe moved into the penthouse in one of the Triple Towers.

15th March 2012 – Gangs started to emerge downtown.

20th September 2012 – Nightshade emerged downtown.

1st October 2012 – Genesis and Nightshade met for the first time.

1st October 2012 – Feral attacked Genesis and Nightshade.

2nd October 2012 – Genesis and Nightshade agreed to work together in front of the media.

31st December 2012 – Porter was spotted in Hope City.

11th February 2013 – Feral fought with Genesis, Nightshade and Porter and was sent through a portal and has never been seen again.

16th May 2013 – Razor attacked civilians in the Glass Mall.

16th May 2013 – Neo fought off Razor at the Glass Mall.

18th May 2013 – Max Dennison took over the Hope City Police Force.

20th May 2013 – Max moved into one of the Triple Towers.

1st June 2013 – Work began again on the fourth extension.

1st January 2014 – Feral arrived in the center of Hope City through a portal, with Raptor.

4th March 2014 – Raptor kidnapped Porter.

8th May 2014 – Raptor used Porter’s to create a portal and brought forth his Rexs. (A group of trained dinosaur).

15th September 2014 – The Rexs were beaten and sent through a portal.

21st October 2014 – Raptor was placed in a hidden cell after being beaten by Neo.

21st October 2014 – Feral went into hiding.

14th January 2015 – Comos hit Hope City.

15th January 2015 – The first Comos infected human was isolated.

16th January 2015 – Another Cosmos infected human called Peter Main, being a stable Comos infected, became Flashfire.

17th January 2015 – Angelica Webb and Jason Karn manifest powers after being infected Cosmos.

20th January 2015 – Angelica Webb and Jason Karn were arrested and taken away by police.

20th January 2015 – The police convoy escorting Angelica Webb and Jason Karn was attacked by Flashfire and both were rescued.

20th January 2015 – Oliver Müller escaped from a Cosmos infected isolation station.

24th January 2015 – Angelica Webb and Jason Karn are found in the Glass Mall after fighting an unknown infected who was labelled as Flame.

25th January 2015 – Flashfire makes a deal with Max Dennison to watch over Angelica Webb and Jason Karn.

25th January 2015 – The Fireflys are created.

28th January 2015 – A unknown infected who called himself Surge causes trouble in the center.

28th January 2015 – The Fireflys attempt their first task of protecting the people against Surge and narrowly win.

1st March 2015 – Infected Massacre happens.

Hope City Timeline

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